Monday, December 3, 2012

The Horse Used It Up #2

Ida finished up a few products before she went back to her original home. Here they are in no particular order. And yes, I "intelligently" keep these empties around the house, patiently waiting until they are blogged about.

Sound Hoof Conditioner
So, the hoof is like a modified fingernail, right? I think of this as like a nice hand cream, a nail conditioner, or a cuticle cream that I would use on my own hands and nails. The product smells like cake batter and the primary ingredient is essential fatty acids. I am not dependent on this product per se, but I do like to have it around. I will purchase again for sure, once the winter season is over. I suspect I am going to be dependent on it when I move to Texas though (because it is so dry there).

Perhaps even more than the product itself, I totally dig the small business model of this company as well as their overall ethos and social/environmental responsibility. This hoof conditioner is all natural and environmentally compatible. It isn't petroleum based. I can attest to this being totally nontoxic if ingested, because the barn dogs at my stable were constantly licking it up off the ground after I shellacked it on my horses' hooves; and they never died.

Cowboy Magic Greenspot Remover
I find it essential to have a spray around that is multi-usable on saddle, boots, and horse. I don't know about your equine companions, but mine get covered in their own apples whether they are in a stall or in a field. And they slobber hay all over me, which of course I love. It is definitely gentle enough to use on their coat and skin. The product has a lovely botanical and non-synthetic fragrance, which is clutch for me. Here are a few of the ingredients: glycerine, honey extract, rose flower extract, sage leaf extract, nettle flower extract, matricaria flower extract, peppermint leaf extract, comfrey extract, horsetail extract, witch hazel extract. It does have parabens in it and sodium laureth sulfate, which I find annoying but not a deal breaker. Will I buy it again? Yes.....if I don't find something I like more. The botanical ingredient list is really wonderful, which should be enough for me really. The problem is.....and this is so shallow....the branding. Now I love Lonesome Dove as much as the next cowgirl but I actually ain't a cowgirl. I jump fences and shit! If they called this "The Foxhunter's Etheral and Special Fox Urine Multi Purpose Cleaner," I would have my holy grail multi-purpose cleanser.  

Farnam Thrush-XX
Let me be clear: I *'&%* hate this product. It's my least favorite horse product of all time. I will never buy it again. Why? The smell is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. And even if I didn't actually get the product on me, just holding the bottle was enough to transfer the scent onto me for hours. Furthermore, no matter how much I would wash my hands I still stunk. The smell gave me migraines. Furthermore, I found it awkward to apply. Plus it is aerosol based, which isn't all that hot for the ozone layer. There are way better options than this. I am far happier with Thrush Buster.

Mustad Tuff Stuff
Before Ida came into her stall for the rainy times here, she had some pretty muddy areas in her field. We all know wet hooves are the penthouse for microbes. And thrush just irritates the shit out of me. Not the horse. Just me. The Tuff Stuff did the job of being like a rain coat for her hoof. I will definitely repurchase as a staple in my stash.

Eqyss Premier Spray - Marigold Sent 
I love this stuff. I've actually blogged about it before, here. I have slowed down on my use of this, mostly for cost saving reasons. When I have the extra change in the future, I definitely will repurchase.

And lastly.......Uncle Jimmy's Licky Thing
I know it isn't all used up yet, but it will be a while before it's back in the house. You'll let that slide, right? This is an Uncle Jimmy's Licky Thing and I bought the value pack. Want to hear a funny story about this Uncle Jimmy's Licky Thing? Well, the interesting thing about a horse is that its anus is level with its mouth. I hung the Licky Thing so that it was at a good level for Ida to play with (with her face). One day, I noticed that there was horse apples on the Licky Thing and I thought to myself "Huh? How did she defecate on her suspended toy?" Then I realized that a horse's ass is level with their face. When they are turned around with their lower gastrointestinal tract towards the Licky Thing, low and behold horse apples will appear on the Licky Thing. Ida loved her Licky Thing. It certainly is a boredom killer for the stall, which is what it is billed as. I will certainly repurchase refills. 

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