Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Ariat Low Rise Heritage Breech

I bought the Ariat Low Rise Heritage Breech in the pursuit of a pair of quality-for-under-a-hundred-bucks breeches in which to show. I needed to put together an entire show outfit for the Hunter ring from scratch (hello, rookie rider here!), and wanted it to be good quality but not exorbitantly priced. These breeches fit the bill perfectly: side zip, nice construction, low rise, elasticized lower leg.
Side zipper

Back elastic insert for a no-gapping-in-the-back fit.
I will never buy a breech again without an elasticized lower leg.

 I could not be happier with these breeches. They are fantastic. I love them so much that I now wear them every single ride (about 4 days a week) and to show. They fit me like a glove, yet are extremely comfortable; and move so well as I ride and go about my barnly duties. I feared that these breeches would be a bit stuffy as the cloth is somewhat thick. On the contrary, they are my coolest breeches, and my riding weather is often in the 100sF.

The Low Rise Heritage also washes up suprisingly well. I did accidentally wash these with a tube of pink lipstick in the pocket. After a few washes, the pink spotting disappeared! I also feed Luke all manner of messy things - agave nectar, beet pulp, electrolyte powder (horsey gatorade, if you will), coconuts, corn get it. Inevitably, I wipe my hands on the pants instead of the copious operating room towels I pilfer from the hospital. Still, these pants go through the wash and come out winners.

Girth in photo is by Five Star Tack, not Independent Trucks!
The above two sitting photos don't do the waist fit justice. The belt I am wearing is so stiff it is pulling the breech away from my waist. 

I bought these breeches from Victory Canter (unbelievably good customer service). If you are looking for a low rise breech, the Ariat Low Rise Heritage breech is excellent value for money. If I could only have one pair of breeches, it would be these. Bottom line is: outstanding fit, outstanding performance. outstanding quality, outstanding style. And all for about eighty nine bucks. 
Last but not least! Here are the breeches with a blue hunt coat and chestnut gelding.

And now for the pants in action!