Friday, November 30, 2012


Well you know, I really have lagged on the old posting. The problem, it seems, is that I was getting very obsessed about making elaborate, long posts with wonderful photos. What I've realized though, is that this isn't Dappled Grey. It isn't going to be perfect and it isn't going to always look fantastic. I have neither the time nor the background (nor the financial interest) for such an aesthetically pleasing or well researched blog. So in the spirit of my productive buddies from Behind the Bit and Spotty Horse, let the laid back blogging begin.

Horseworship. I love the simplicity and depth of this phrase. This is how I would describe the emotion deep in my chest that I feel for horses. I think I saw these guys in the Dappled Grey holiday gift guide. And of course I fell in love. Because I should really be spending $120 on a horse sweatshirt as opposed to the the Rambo quarter sheet or winter waterproof Mountain Horse boots, right? (However, I am about to move to Austin, Texas, and don't know if these would be overkill for the weather there. Anyone know?)

It's funny. I found this line in an online designer British fashion boutique that I am constantly trolling, Shopbop. Eventually, everything on Shopbop will go on sale and you don't have to pay tax on it. So, if you like the Arabian line of horseworship's apparel, you could hold out for a deal on Shopbop.

The style I am lusting over is this one. I just love the elegant, baroque inspired image of the horses Incidentally, I really should be using my money for something useful like this!
Rambo Newmarket Quarter Sheet. Originally saw this on a horse in an episode of Midsommer Murder!

For all of my dressage buddies, like Dressage Mom and Behind the Bit, this one is for you!