Sunday, December 16, 2012

EOOTD - Embroidered Flowers

Since I just brought you The Punisher in the last Equine Outfit of the Day, I thought it appropriate to sort of tone things down and get a bit girly and flowery. If only I could have put red lipstick on Oliver for the photo-shoot and spritzed him down with Chanel No5. I guess that wouldn't be so much girly as much as horse-drag.

Here is Oliver wearing his Dura-Tech Embroidered Flower Pad in Hunter. I think he looks just smashing in this color green.

Saddle: Bates
Saddle pad: Dura-Tech
Half Pad: Dura-Tech Anti-Slip Gel Half Pad

This saddle pad is currently on closeout at Schneider Saddlery. Check it out here.
As you may have seen in Oliver's introduction, he has massively tall withers. The cut at the withers on this pad actually fits him quite nicely even though this isn't specifically a wither designed pad. That sharp take off upwards really works well for Oliver. I have to say, I have four Dura-Tech products now and I think that the value for money is just fantastic. Dura-Tech is Schneider Saddlery's house brand. The Dura-Tech are the best quality saddle pads that I have come across for a house label brand. The stitching is quality and the materials are nice and thick.

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