Thursday, December 27, 2012

A NonApocalyptic Review of 2012 Equine Photography

Personally, I did not find that any of the horses I ride were too concerned about the gnashing of hay or whores of Babylon riding them naked through the burning streets this December. Apparently, Ida, Oliver and Lamia were not aware that they made it through yet another apocalypse.

That said, I wanted to bring you a wrap up of my favorite horse photos that I came across in 2012.  None, obviously, came from my own terribly terrible dark room.

Vogue is my favorite couture magazine, so let's start there, shall we. Here is the December 2012 Vogue Australia cover.

From Vogue AU website
 Black Caviar is the 6 1/2 year old, 16.2 hand TB mare who is undefeated in 22 races. The dress is an Alexander McQueen. Black Caviar is the first horse to be on a Vogue Australia cover. Not sure about Vogue US, will have to look into that!
From Vogue AU website

Vanity Fair did two different spreads that caught my eye this year. They really shoot some beautiful equine inspired pieces.

Being a fox hunting enthusiast, I naturally adored this September 2012 edition of Vanity Fair.  July 2012 also featured some stunning photographs in France of Kristen Stewart with some gorgeous studs. See the white one second from left? He makes me drool. I think maybe these are Lippizaners?

I also this past year discovered the gorgeous photography of Monica Stevenson. All photos following are from her website.
This is polo on snow.
Far Hills Steeplechase

Lastly, I want to share a few comical photographs. I recently became just enamored with Grumpy Cat. Here is my favorite Grumpy Cat remarking on horse related material.
From Horse Junkies United

Finally, Horse Junkies United did a fabulous series on "bad equine photography." Here is the photo that won. The girl in the photo had no idea the horse was doing this behind her.
From Horse Junkies United

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