Saturday, December 15, 2012

Helloooooo Olllliver

Just a quick post to introduce you to this great 20 year old Anglo-Arab that I have been riding. He is called Oliver.
Oliver the Horse
Please do not confuse the eye candy above with the other new Oliver in my life.
The Oliver from Arrow

Anyway, I've happily entered the dressage world and am training with Colleen Reid at Equine Sports Complex. Oliver is a wonderful first dressage mount for me, and he is a retired eventer. Now, I do not fancy myself a gelding lover. I far prefer a mare. But Oliver and I are getting along spectacularly and he entertains me with very comical facial expressions. I think his new career is stand up comedian.

My husband and I have nicknamed Oliver "Mr. Withers." His withers are so high I had to get him a special wither saddle pad.

Mr. Withers' high withers
 Please don't confuse Mr. Withers with Mr. Whiskers.
Mr. Whiskers, beloved psychic kitty from Frankenweenie

I highly recommend this high wither pad from Dura-Tech. This is the nicest quality saddle pad I own by far.  That's what you get when you spend 50 bucks for a saddle pad instead of 15 bucks, I guess. The pad needs to be a bit more spectacular looking though. I am thinking of adding some olive badges to it. Get it? Olives. Oliver.
Mr. Withers' new V Free Dressage Saddle Pad

So far, Oliver and I are working on lots of trot-walk transitions. I am trying to learn to sit on my bum better and not be so on the forehand. We are doing lots of circles too. Today, Oliver and I cantered together for the first time! It went unbelievably well.

Oliver aka Mr. Withers
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