Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hello horsey world, meet the Harlem Shake

I have definitely over the past few weeks enjoyed myself some Harlem Shake time. I LOVE to laugh and these videos totally make me giggle. I had been discussing with some friends in LA the concept of the Harlem Shake with horses. My idea was to have one horse in a ring and then at the break down have a bunch of horses doing a variety of things: jumping an oxer, piaffe-ing, loungeing, some-task-done-in-the-Western-disciplines. Alas, this seemed quite dangerous. Anyway, Horse Junkies United has scratched my itch and heralded the announcement of the equine Harlem Shake.

When I searched You Tube to find the video, I actually came up with several different videos! The above one is my favorite because it is one of the few equestrian styled ones in which people actually stay on the horses. These horses are STOIC. I mean, they don't even bat a pretty eyelash. In particular, I was really impressed with the far right horse who just rolls with the dancing rasta banana astride.  Really impressive.

I also found this incredible shake, which I felt was note worthy for its inclusion of multiple equestrian disciplines. The piaffe is fantastic in the intro!

The next two videos, I am including because the girls who can jump are the best ones at dancing while in the saddle. I am so stoked that so many different riding ladies enthusiastically embraced this fun viral cultural quirk.

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