Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Frilly, girly summer show shirts!

If you read my 2013 wishlist, you may have gotten the impression that I am somewhat girly in my taste. In particular, I blogged about the Equiline Lissome Dressage Show Shirt. The shirt is over $200, putting it out of a lot of our price ranges. I saw the shirt on a rider in Thermal, and it was totally dusty and dirty. While flipping through the pages of Dover's Spring catalogue, and noted some pieces that have the feel of the Equiline Lissome. These options are lighter on the pocketbook and not so heartbreaking to get all grubby and dirty during the summer.
Equiline Lissome Dressage Show Shirt

And here we have some alternatives! This is the Goode Rider Regal.

Here we have the central ruffling, like the Lissome. The Goode Rider version goes for ~$80. Not so bad! Up close and personal, for a better sense of that ruffle:
Screen shot from Dover Saddlery

Next up we have the Joules Frilsden. It's got a ruffly collar. And it comes in both pink and baby blue! Not bad at ~$53.
Screen shot from Dover Saddlery

Let me know if you've seen any eyelet knockoffs of the Lissome! We've got the ruffles covered, now we just need an eyelet!

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