Saturday, January 12, 2013

EOOTD - The Punisher

I am confused about whether this "hairdo" counts as an outfit or not. But this just demanded to be blagged about so here it is under Equine Outfit of the Day.

 Most of the horses at my dressage barn keep hairy legs and a saddle pad spot. This particular fellow, Amigo, has some extra awesome flare to go along with his winter shave.

As if Amigo isn't bad ass enough already being a dressage Arabian and all. Ta Da!

Amigo sporting Marvel Comic character "The Punisher"

Please do forgive the terribleness of the photos. I had a hell of a time photographing Amigo's ass end.

Even if you don't know who is on Amigo's rear, this would be pretty cool in and of itself. But, even better, the image is the Marvel Comic character "The Punisher."

My interpretation of this symbolism is that Amigo is going to punish the other horses this spring by getting really high scores on his dressage tests. No, I do not yet know what would count as a high dressage score.

I personally feel that Amigo's Punisher is somewhat reminiscent of an Ood.
An Ood
Yes, Amigo does have a front end as well.
Can you believe he is an Arab? I guess maybe the ears give him away.
What cool shave patterns/designs have you seen this winter?

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