Wednesday, August 29, 2012

EOOTD (Equine Outfit of the Day): The Skull and Crops Saddle Pad

Outfits of the day are a fine tradition on the usual beauty and style blogs. I offer the Equine Outfit of the Day (EOOTD) in which a specially dressed horse is shown off. The first featured  EOOTD was styled this past weekend during the Ladies Riding Posse gathering at Clay Station Ranch.

Corinthian "Ian" matched his black half pad to his skull and crops embroidered saddle pad for a thoroughly bad ass Thoroughbred outfit.
The horses at our ranch LOVE to air their tongues.

Black on black is so stylish and practical on a chestnut.
Skull and Crops

Unfortunately, this custom saddle pad is not available to the general public. It was designed for a private eventing event on the East coast and my friend lucked out on getting one. It is both fierce and classic at the same time.

Another great outfit of the day! Tate was basically naked in his outfit. This is the most mellow three year old you have ever met.

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  1. Way cool! Love the idea of an EOOTD. Go to an event some time and you'll see some eye-catching combinations for the x-country phase, for sure.